Corporate bone China mugs

Bone China, Fine China, Porcelain:

What’s the difference ?

They can look very similar, but there’s a definite difference in what they’re made from. Bone china is, as it’s name suggests, made from bone. The same manufacturing processes are used in making fine china, but without the bone content. Porcelain is also created in much the same way, but it’s fired at a higher temperature and the end result is much harder. We supply china mugs printed in full color if desired. The reason we say if desired is a good china mug can look very stylish in mono so the option is yours. We print using the same technology as all our printed mugs or customized mugs are dishwasher safe and approved for microwave use. There are a number of different styles and a bone china mug is the height of the drinkware chain.

We have just produced a special edition Bone china mug for one of our great clients who wanted something unique and stylish.The mug tells an interesting true story about an event from history where a Monster whale washed up in Pevensey Bay.This china mug is a unique special edition licensed china mug only to be sold through one outlet. We helped design it and supply the packaging and to be honest it was a pleasure to be the supplier of this unique product. Further information and purchase of this special china mug can be found at: Cambridge University Licensed Monster whale china mug customer ( Special order) A very interesting local historical organisation for Pevensey Bay.

To us we take design very seriously and we have special templates for printing onto fine bone china mugs as it’s a specialty art and if designed well your clients will remember your china mugs and treasure this high quality product. We have a favourite for corporate use and it’s that bit different than the narrow china mug. You’re welcome to enquire and we will send you some pictures and a 3 D sample (FOC) with your design.It’s important to us that you’re happy with all our products before purchase.

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