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We manufacture Printed Art mugs. These high quality bespoke art mugs are manufactured on either Ceramics Mugs or Bone China Mugs. These mugs are unique and we can print a message on the mug for you if required. We have a number of fantastic artists who want to see there unique Art being enjoyed and displayed and what better way to give somebody you care about a unique Gift and Personalised mug to your choice. These mugs are not available on the high street and are only available from us direct from the manfacturer. Our main business is Corporate printed mugs but due to demands for a Unique high quality Personalised gift mug we have decided to offer the availability to our customers. The artist are informed of your purchase and is paid a royalty and have to agree your message if required.

Some of our Artists will be offering some of there Art mugs as a limited edition mugs or Special edition mugs but also may under certain circumstances be also able to offer a signed print of there Artwork if required. So your buying a specialist unique Ceramic/China Art mug. As our Artists release there unique material we will show a mug preview of what your mugs will look like before agreeing on manufacture.These are unique personalised Gifts which can be personalized with a small message or name ect. This ensures your giving something unique as a personalised present or gift mug. These Art mugs are available by special order only direct from Mugbusiness Ltd and we will help make your high quality personalized art mug a reality and unique to you.

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